Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for 2010

Most people set their New Year resolutions for the new year at this time. We know from history that many people don’t stick to those resolutions, often failing to get in better shape, eat better, or other similar personal changes. I think the average person has bailed on their efforts by Feb 1.

I think some of this is precisely because they’re not goals that are specifically written down and committed to. It’s easy to say you want to make some grand change, but the reality is that you need to focus on one small goal at a time and make a concentrated effort to achieve it.’

It’s no different for business. I haven’t been heavily involved in my side venture over the last few months, and I’m not sure I will be more in 2010 since my life is somewhat moving in a different direction. However I still talk regularly with my partner, and we are talking about some specific changes for the business in 2010.

I don’t know what kind of goals we’ll set, but he is big on them, and so I’ll try to help him pick a few specific ones that make sense for the next year and we’ll work on implementing them.