Monday, March 8, 2010

Thinking Time

Our business has struggled over the last year, and recently my partner and I sat down to talk about things. One of the issues we identified was that while we were getting work done, it was day-to-day work, the operational stuff that needs to be done. It brings in revenue, but only in a short term way. At least in our business is doesn’t help build a bigger business and grow revenue.

It’s easy to get bogged down it the day to day work of your company, doing the same things over and over that need to be done. That’s the in-the-forest, seeing-the-trees work that you get used to. However there are times you need to step back and take a wider view and try to think strategically.

How you do that is a complex subject, and the process might be different for each person, but the important point of this post is that you need to make time to do it. You need to set aside time periodically. You can do it every week, once a month, or maybe a few days a year, but you need to spend some time away from the day to day tasks with a longer term view towards the future.