Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Sustainable is Not Success

Building a business like some of those mentioned in this article isn’t success to me. I know some people make money, but ultimately this seems to be almost a fraudulent way of working on an investment. Build excitement for prospects and projects, sell, have founders and employees move on, and the business tank, or potentially fail.

That’s not what I think business should be about and it’s one of those areas that I think has gotten so much press, but doesn‘t really benefit the economy or anyone outside of the investors.

Build something sustainable, something you can be proud of.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to your Customers

I saw this tweet recently:


It’s about this issue with Amazon customer service, which wiped a customer’s kindle (allegedly) and is not communicating with him/her.

I don’t know the whole story, or what went wrong, but that type of communication, even with a good reason, isn’t acceptable. If you have problems with your customers, and they are trying to reasonably work things out, talk to them. Don’t let your employees ignore communications of withhold explanations.

Transparency is good for business.